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Posted by Wabefuhon - January 21st, 2018

Do people upload gaming videos, such as let's plays? If so, do they fit on this website or belong elsewhere? I have been uploading to Dailymotion and unless I gain a following there's no point in enabling ads.

Posted by Wabefuhon - February 17th, 2016

Since a video was made recently by someone regarding youtube's copyright issue, I've just had an idea. Although I'll need to do some research first, I might do something I never thought of doing before.

Posted by Wabefuhon - May 24th, 2015

With no one practically following me, I will probably make this a journal profile. Having spent time learning Java, although not done. Spent time learning RPG Maker VX Ace, never finished any projects. Learning Unity Engine now, learning Space Shooter. Took the time to learn how to use Source Filmmaker, never made a long enough video. Took the time to learn Blender, never even finished making a model.

I get inspiration for stuff and I never get around to finishing anything. I even wrote stories but never finished them. I'd been doing things for so long, switching between programs and projects that I don't get praise for what does get done. I'm tired of being told that something will only be done on the side. That everyone else only sees me having an already established job as my future.

I've had different things put in front of me in the past and they wanted me to learn how to use those things and then show them how to do it. That doesn't work with me because I see no interest in learning them. Except for DOS for Dummies. But I ended up not finishing because the lessons in the book tackled something that wasn't even there. The book was outdated. This has been one of my issues, outdated information. To even get all the right materials for outdated information was impossible.

Currently, I've tried getting other people involved in my interests, hoping that they would help, but nothing. So far, I only have 3 other people included but I don't have any word on progress. I don't even get a word out of them every day. One guy is sick and the other guy is in legal trouble. The third guy is doing his own thing. As much as I am spending time watching youtube videos or browsing media sites, I still get reminded of things and I want to learn how to do more.

I want to finish this. I want to succeed before the year ends. I do not want to do this alone, yet I feel alone in my efforts. The only person who has shown any support for this is my dad. (I know I said earlier that I don't get praise, which is true.) My dad is the only one who sees me learning Java or working on these projects as a sign of making progress for a future. I would guess that my dads fear is me not being successful and independent. My dad being in his mid 50s and working as an operator in a refinery, he makes good money and a lot of that has gone into fixing 2 houses that will both be sold for a better house.

I need to know if people want to see a game that uses more traditional structure but gives players a lot of options.

Posted by Wabefuhon - October 5th, 2011

I have no idea what happened. I have no idea what led to this, but, my account was deleted. So now I'm back and am making sure it doesn't happen again. I dunno, I said over a month ago that I wanted my account deleted to Tom. Maybe he decided to do it? All I know is I couldn't access my account, errors kept popping up. The name was not in their data base, the email wasn't in there data base, the email is already being used by another account. By then, you just make a new account, and password. If this happens again, I may just give up. I can still get music for free. :P I just have to hope this doesn't happen again. It would help knowing why, if I did anything wrong.